Biker Build-Off - Netflix

Sat 22 June 2019

Reality series in which two bikers from different parts of the United States create the ultimate riding machines and then come face to face to test their mettle, and metal, by squaring off in a high-octane race.

Biker Build-Off - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2002-09-28

Biker Build-Off - Biker Build-Off - Netflix

Biker Build-Off is a reality television series for the Discovery Channel. Created and narrated by Thom Beers, the series was originally conceived as a single special called The Great Biker Build-Off. The show proved so popular that more episodes were produced in succeeding years, to the point that it was turned into a regular series (and its name shortened to just Biker Build-Off) in 2005.

Biker Build-Off - Premise of the Show - Netflix

Two reputed custom motorcycle builders from different parts of the country—usually with very different styles of building—each build a unique custom bike in their respective style, pitting their teams and expertise against each other to see who is the better builder.

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